Hi I am Tarek:

Tarek Gomres
Tarek Gomres

A graduate of Higher Engineering School in Switzerland (Communication Management, Print and Multimedia Technologies), I combine my education with 12 years of experience in marketing, web design and front-end development for many happy clients all over the world.
I am a web entrepreneur who builds web applications and makes that the IT world around people and businesses works as smooth as possible. Every day when I wake up I love to have the challenge of running my own IT business.

I have the chance to live in a nice place where I could be in every minute on my day inspired by something or someone, and enjoy the pleasure to have my mind full of ideas, even most of the time they dont leave my mind but I am happy to have them in it. Who knows maybe one day they will have a chance to see the light.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein

Things I like