Robots are good, but be human with each other is more important.

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well, this is my second post in this topic about robotics, not because I love it! but because it seems to me that we us human, in the last 5 to 10 years we are making a huge progress in this field. All this progress is of corse positive in many areas, because we could solve many more problems and understand lot of things that surround us. The questions that still coming up to my mind are; First of all how can we be sure that all this technologies will always be on our side? and can we be sure that the risk that this development will never be turned against us? And how could we guarantee that this kind of Technology will never be used from one group of people against an other group of people.

What Elon Musk or the physicist Stephen Hawking said about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how bad is this for human, seems to me not completely true, for the simple reason that we are fare away from those science fiction scenarios, that we could find in Hollywood films or read in fiction Books. The other reason that in the near future we can be sure that the AI is note so dangerous for the human us species is the reality that every programmer today could tel you. Actually yes today you can learn a Computer what is a “Cat” for example. But the only way today to achieve this is by showing him a thousands or millions of pictures of “Cat”, so the computer by complex algorithms could recognize characteristics and found pattern of those millions of pictures, so in the end of the day, if you show him a “Cat” he will compare what he see with what he have in memory and first then - maybe - recognize what you show him by saying this is a “Cat”.

But the reality today is, if you show to this same Computer a “Cat” with a Sunglasses, he will never found from him self, that this is a “Cat” too, if he did never get a Pictures in advance with “Cat” wearing Glasses, Or if you show him a “Dog” he will not have the idea to go to a Book (digital one of corse) or wikipedia to Compare images and learn from himself what this animal could be.

Meaning we us Human and the the only potential creator of this (AI thing) with all what we know till this day in 2017 and with all what we achieve in different scientific and research domaines which are just magnificent and really huge, comparing with 20 – 30 years before. we have to predict the information and think in the place of Computer in advance and predict situation and possible solutions in advance. first then feeding or transmitting this knowledge to the computer in a way he can understand it.

UPDATE: 10.12.2017:
I was amused, and find it interesting that in this week when I posted this article some thing huge happened, I was today in may daily jogging lessening to Leo Laport on one on my favorite podcasts “TWIT- LEO the tech Guy - 1447”, he was talking about AI, and how this week could be turning point in the human History, because in this week or rather in this month Google has just announced that their supper computer named ALPHA-0 had win an other super computer also developed by Google called ALPHA-GO. Just to put you in the picture IBM supper computer “Deep Blue” was the computer that 20 years ago had won the Chess world best player Gerri Kasparow.

The inserting thing is just last year a computer created by Google called ALPHA-GO have beat the wold champion player of the Japanese game called GO, this computer was for years provided with many games of GO and after this he learned the game for him self so he beat the human champion.

The same research group at Google then created an other version of ALPHA-Go and called it ALPHA-0 the deference with the previous version is that ALPHA-0 unlike ALPHA-GO had just to learn the game rolls, thats it. and with in 8 hours did beat ALPHA-GO, then have 4 hours to beat Stock-fish, and in 2 hours learned Japanese Chess version called CHOGGI and sure enough defeat the world best computer.

An other interesting aspect of this, is that the tow computers have communicated between them in a language that for as human is just algebraic and no human can understand what is going on (kind of black box for as), that’s why this could be an giant leap in Artificial Intelligence research.

In conclusion again unlike Elan Mask or Stephen Hawking most expert and engineers are almost not scared about this and think that in the worst case scenario we just unplug every thing, and all will be find.