Is it true that Arabic people do not read any more? The Arabic world is known for the Ummat Of Iqraa (reading civilization).

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Well, that’s the sad truth, because the actual Arabic world is not any more what is was couple of centuries ago. even if some people did not want to accept this truth today, and they may have reasons for that.

What ever, chances are big today to be able to change this reality in the near future. First of all because the modern technologies could help, and second because the new generation have accepted the fact that we are what we are! and if we thing that we should change some thing and be considered like a big Civilization and not just dream of better future with out doing any thing, or even worst, repeat that our ancestor WHERE leader in lot of science field such as Mathematics, Physics, astronomy and so on.

I thing that Audio Books could be one of those ways. Even if Audible exist almost 10-12 years now, arabic audio books are not really on the catalog of audible, that’s why some other companies are trying to feel this gape and offer their services for the arabic speaking people.

One of the best that exist today on the marks are: Kitab Sawti and Storytel I use those tow Apps personally and I am very happy with their services. with storytel you have the advantage to lisen to English books too. and their book list is very good, I am sure you will find some thing for your taste.

there is masmoo3 مسموع للمعرفة الصوتية wich was a leader befor the other come to market but did not catch on.

Iqaaly اقرألي is an other App that offer Arabic Audio Books but their book catalog is very small and the quality for me is not to compare with Kitab Sawti or Storytel.

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