Life is too short to do all that I want!

My DREAM is to have a day, that is 28 hours long, so I have enough time to read what I would like to read and to draw the painting that I have started long time ago, to fly with my son with RC Plane or to write a few lines in my private journal - or just simply read the magazines that stack on my desk and that my wife would love to throw away every time she sees them.


I feel lucky to live in an environment that inspires me every moment and every instant of the day. I have the feeling that if I would describe all the things that I would like to create or realise, I would fill with my ideas half of the indigogo or kickstarter homepage.
Ah sorry, If you do not know what is kikstarter; it’s one of the greatest things that happened in the tech-world in the last few years, in other words is one of the largest crowdfounding platforms on the net.

I Love

all that could be called geeky.
all that is related to the tech or new technologies is exciting and gets my attention, if I want it or not. I assume that my brain has been captivated from the tech planet.

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My pleasure

is when I can help other people with their projects. I am optimistically in most cases. I think that for every problem there is a solution - sometimes we can see this solution and sometimes not, but when we do not see it, that does not mean that it’s not there. We just have to get help to see more deeply or search in other places. That is what makes me the most happy man, when I see the smile of other people when I can help them see the solution to their problems with computer or IT in general.

credit: asthmatic via photopin cc

I love those

Apple products but Linux too!

I love the challenges in every domain, because it is the one thing that let me feel that I have some thing to solve. independently of what will be the result, I love this, because if I succeed it let me feel I win, and if I did not solve the challenge that's mean I have more to learn.

Love my family, the big and small one of course

Love every day that I week-up and I steel breath, and feel my body :-)

Love go fly with my son

Love Tech news

Love my Mac, my Linux and my domain controller

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs