As a Geek I was always looking for a simple but efficient solution for my internet access while I am traveling for work or in holiday.

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After I have tried several solutions, I found the best one that worked for me, a small mini router dedicated to exactly this need by GL-Int. the first one was the GL-AR300M called “Shadow” about $35, I used it since 2016.

I was very satisfied with it because I can configure it with my chosen VPN Services and need just a power bank to power it, where ever I need it in Hotel by friends on the Beach. I used it where ever I can use the WiFi provided by third party that I don’t know or trust.

In the beginning of 2019 GL-iNet have brought a newer version of this mini router, the GL-AR750S called “Slate” it was presented the first time in the CES 2019 and won the CES award.

This updated version have more futures than the “Shadow”, most import ones are the 3X Gigabit Ethernet, Dual Flash, Gigabit Ethernet, max 128 Gb External Storage, Dual-band WI-Fi, with 2 nicely integrated External Antenna, Dimension: 100mmX68mmX24mm, Weight: 86g.

Since I received it I was using it in all my travels with out any problem. the price for the Slate is about $69.99 at the the moment of writing this post.