My Ultimate Travel Router the GL-AR300M

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This Router is just 39g and 58x58x25mm, but will do all what you like to do when you are on the go, router connected via wire or just with a available wifi signal. With you favorite secure VPN connexion, use it like a access point for all you devices (smartPhone, Tablet, Laptop, etc. ), the best thing is that you can use a small power pack to power this devise and so there no need for power supply or running a pc to use wifi connexion.

Here some specs: GL-AR300M, Router, USB wire packed in bubble envelop, black case No power adapter, no package

GL-AR300M push the hardware specs to the extreme for a mini router.

Atheros 9531 SoC, 650MHz
128M RAM
16MB Nor + 128MB Nand Dual Flash, space doesn’t matters any more
PCIe, UART, USB-A reserved
300Mbps WiFi, improved wifi performance
PCIe Interfaces reserved. 802.11ac module add on will be available later